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Long gone are the days of marketing by just yelling 'buy our stuff'. Content marketing is an effective way to introduce your brand to your audience without the heavy 'sell'. The ultimate goal of any content marketing strategy is to build trust and establish authority that tells the Google Gods you’re legit and helps to provide value to your customers.  


Content Strategy

A content strategy should be the first step when you’re thinking about creating any content. This will inform the content you create to ensure it’s in line with the needs of your customers. By identifying the journey your customers take as well as their pain points and FAQs we’ll create a robust content plan that identifies topics and themes that will be relevant to your target audience. 

Blog Posts and Articles

Throughout their customer journey, your customers are looking for informative, educational and entertaining content that addresses their specific topics or questions. Having a robust blog with relevant and consistent articles will not only help with the Google Gods, but it will also build trust and authority with your customers.


Landing Page Copy

Landing pages are an effective way to deliver a focused conversion point, i.e. - get your customers or clients to do just one thing. Usually, they include one call to action such as ‘sign up for xxx offer’ and typically have minimal navigation elements or distractions. This keeps users focused so you can funnel them to where you want them. For e.g your email list :-) 

Website Copy

The copy on your website should not only be optimised for search engines but should also provide relevant, useful information that reflects your brand and tone of voice.  Ensuring that your website copy is on point will put you on the good side of the Google and provide a compelling customer journey. 

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