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Favourite Child is an Australian-based creative marketing agency born out of a love of all things marketing. We provide digital marketing consultancy for brands and businesses who are too busy minding their own business to worry about marketing. 

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Hi, I'm Annette, and that's me with my dog, Sandy, circa 1983. As a child, I loved telling stories, creating make-believe worlds and discovering what made people tick. I guess it's no surprise then that I ended up in marketing. My marketing journey began at Warner Music, where I crafted many a marketing strategy for music DVDs (remember them?). I couldn't believe I landed my dream job very early on in my career; I loved music, and I still do, and having the opportunity to work at a label was a dream come true. 


From there, I scored another dream job at MTV, where I played a pivotal role in launching Vh1 in the Australian market. It's here that my passion for content really came to the fore. 

Over the next 20 or so years, I'd go to another record label, work for a major publishing house and establish myself as a freelance marketer working on local film festivals. One of my most favourite gigs was creating and delivering a digital marketing course for the next generation of digital marketers. 

My passion has always been telling stories, sharing knowledge and a desire to build strong connections. 

I believe that marketing is a contact sport. It's where we get to lean in and experience the world as someone else. To put ourselves in someone else's shoes and provide solutions to problems. 

If you need help figuring out where to start, message me (tap that contact button below), and let's chat. 

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