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Favourite Child is a niche digital marketing agency based on beautiful Dja Dja Wurrung Country (Castlemaine) in regional Victoria. 

After many years living in large cities and being a slave to the daily grind, I moved to regional Victoria to find space, connection to country, a thriving arts community, to grow a veggie patch and raise a few chickens. 

I believe marketing is all about trust, experience, connection and making change happen. 

I love helping brands and businesses reach their full potential through considered, insightful and realistic strategies. 


Simply put, marketing is about connecting the right people to the right thing at the right time. It's knowing who likes your stuff and discovering why someone would 'pick up what you are puttin' down'. 

We'll help you identify where to start or what to do next. Everything we do is explained in straightforward terms so you don't get overwhelmed by the acronyms and marketing speak. This is a 'circling back', 'low hanging fruit', 'pivot', and 'hustle' free zone. 

Head over to our What We Do page to learn more about the specific services we offer, why they are important and how we can help. 

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