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Best SEO Tools In 2024

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains as one of the most effective ways to enhance your online presence. Staying on the 'good side' of Google means your chances of showing up when people are searching for exactly what you offer increase greatly. In 2024, the offering of SEO tools continues to grow, offering an array of powerful ways to boost visibility, drive traffic, and optimise websites for search engines.

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We've compiled some of our favourite SEO tools that we've been using in 2024 to help our clients gain valuable insights to elevate their digital marketing strategies. From backlink analysis to keyword research, technical SEO audits, and performance tracking, these favourite SEO tools will help make navigating search engines a lot more simple.

Ahrefs: Unraveling the Web of Backlinks

  • Ahrefs has solidified its position as a leading SEO tool, providing a comprehensive suite of features to analyse backlinks, keywords, and competitor strategies.

  • Backlink analysis allows users to delve into the link profiles of websites, identifying valuable link-building opportunities and assessing the authority of domains.

  • Keyword research tools enable marketers to uncover high-volume keywords, analyse search trends, and refine content strategies to align with user intent.

  • Ahrefs' Site Audit feature offers in-depth insights into technical SEO issues, empowering users to optimise website performance and enhance crawlability for search engines.

  • You can get free access to Site Explorer and Site Audit tools if you own a website.

  • Pay for additional features as you go.

SEMrush: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

  • SEMrush has emerged as a versatile SEO toolkit, catering to diverse needs ranging from keyword research to content optimisation and competitor analysis.

  • Its Keyword Magic Tool facilitates comprehensive keyword research, allowing marketers to identify relevant long-tail keywords, assess search volume, and evaluate keyword difficulty.

  • The Position Tracking feature enables users to monitor keyword rankings across search engines, track SERP features, and gain actionable insights to refine SEO strategies.

  • SEMrush's Content Marketing Toolkit equips marketers with tools for content optimisation, topic research, and performance tracking, fostering data-driven decision-making and enhancing content relevance.

  • You can use SEMRush with a free account, and access a lot of tools but there are restrictions such as maximum number of requests made to the Analytics reports per day is limited to only 10 (Pro users have access to 3,000 searches, Guru — 5,000 searches, Business — 10,000 searches). As a free user, you can create and manage only one Project and track 10 keywords in Position Tracking. Paid pricing plans start at $129 per month.

Moz: Navigating the SEO Terrain with Authority

  • Moz continues to be a trusted ally for marketers seeking to enhance their SEO endeavors, offering a range of tools designed to improve website visibility and authority.

  • The Moz Link Explorer provides robust insights into backlink profiles, allowing users to identify link opportunities, evaluate domain authority, and monitor link-building progress.

  • Moz Pro's Keyword Explorer simplifies the process of keyword research, offering metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and click-through rate (CTR) potential to inform content creation strategies.

  • With Moz's Site Crawl feature, marketers can conduct comprehensive website audits, uncovering technical issues, duplicate content, and crawl errors that may impact search engine rankings.

  • You can get a 30 day free trial to explore all of the tools available. Paid plans start at $99 USD per month.

Screaming Frog: Peering Beneath the Surface of Technical SEO (personal favourite!!)

  • Screaming Frog stands out as a powerful tool for technical SEO analysis, providing invaluable insights into website architecture, on-page elements, and crawlability.

  • Its website crawler meticulously navigates through websites, identifying issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags that could hinder search engine performance.

  • Screaming Frog's Data Visualisation feature offers intuitive representations of website structures, facilitating the identification of optimisation opportunities and the refinement of internal linking strategies.

  • Marketers can leverage Screaming Frog's Log File Analyser to gain insights into search engine crawl behavior, identify crawl budget inefficiencies, and optimise website accessibility for search bots.

  • You can download a free version and start using the platform right away however some features are limited. Paid plans are $249 per year.

Google Search Console: Harnessing Insights from the Source

  • Google Search Console remains an indispensable tool for website owners and marketers, providing direct insights from the world's most influential search engine.

  • Its Performance report offers comprehensive data on search queries, impressions, clicks, and average position, enabling users to monitor website visibility and track the effectiveness of SEO efforts.

  • The Index Coverage report highlights indexing issues, crawl errors, and security concerns, empowering marketers to address technical issues promptly and maintain website health.

  • Google Search Console's URL Inspection tool provides real-time insights into how Google crawls and indexes specific pages, offering actionable recommendations for optimisation and troubleshooting.

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